Asturias, a personal voyage


Asturias, a personal voyage, is a timelapse that lasts 5 minutes through which we will be able to see the diversity of landscapes and cities of the Asturian geography.
Something that you learn journeying across Asturias is that the more places you have been to, the more amazing places you left to go, in a road full of wonders: multicolored sunrises, hypnotic mists, incredible mountains and beaches, dream headlands and cliffs, mysterious forests, epic storms, glorious sunsets and unforgettable nights under the stellar dome.
We will see all these wounderful things on the journey that we are about to set off on. Hold on and enjoy.
Runtime: 6 min 5 seg


Direction and Photography: Manel Cebrian
Music: Jose Antonio Martinez

Awards & Screenings:

Best Time-lapse Photographer- Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards (gen-16)
Best Time-lapse Short – Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards (feb-16)
Best Original Song – Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards (feb-16)
Second Prize Beach & Sea Films – Finisterra Arrábida Art & Tourism Film Festival (may-16)
Official Selection – LookOut Wild Film Festival (jan-17)
Official Selection – Time-lapse Film Festival – Los Angeles (aug-16)
Official Selection – Columbia Gorge International Film Festival – California (sep-16)
Official Selection – Paris Play Film Festival (mar-16)

Link of the film:

Asturias, a personal voyage – film