Sunrposter-sunrise-in-bcn-1000ise in Barcelona

“In that fleeting moment,
when the first trickle of light hovers over the horizon,
I hold my breah and feel for a moment,
I am truly alive”


Barcelona, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. In this short that lasts one minute you will have the opportunity to see a glorious sunrise in this wonderful city.
“Sunrise in Barcelona” gives a view of the sunlight trickling in and then flooding the city.
Runtime: 1 min 15 seg


Direction and Photography: Manel Cebrian
Music: Jose Antonio Martinez

Awards & Screenings:

Semi-Finalist – New York Film & TV Festival (nov-16)
Official Selection – Let’s All Be Free Film Festival – London (sep-16)
Official Selection – Västeras Film Festival – Sweden (oct-16)

Link of the film:

Sunrise in Barcelona